31 March 2014

2010 Tor Beckstoffer To Kalon “Anniversary Cuvee”

My friends and I went to 360 Bistro in Nashville, Tennessee for a nice dinner to commemorate the end of a week of work there.  I had selected it based on its Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator.  After perusing their impressive list, we settled on the Tor Beckstoffer To Kalon.  I’d never had Tor before, but the To Kalon vineyard is highly praised every time it’s mentioned in Wine Spectator, so we all agreed it was the one to try.

Justin, the Sommelier, brought the wine to us, along with Riedel Sommelier’s Collection Gran Cru Bordeaux glasses and an Amadeo decanter.  What a presentation!  After tasting to make sure the bottle was good - and it was - he decanted it for us before serving it.

The wine was a beautiful purple color.  It sounds strange to say, but it was the color of grape skins - something I don’t often encounter.

The nose was full of heady orchard aromas - apple blossoms and tilled earth.

The taste was immensely complex: bracing berries, cool mint, a spicy finish, with tannins woven throughout to smooth the journey from one taste to another.

I went in expecting something great, but what I got was something magical.  Tor wasn’t on my map before - it was overshadowed by Schrader, which also makes wines from the To Kalon vineyard - but it certainly is now.

All four of us at dinner got 360 Bistro’s filet mignon.  It did not disappoint, in taste, preparation, or in excellent pairing with the Tor.  A truly magical meal, followed by one of the greatest things to ever happen to me...


Books: Reading Dave Cullen's Columbine.  Riveting.

Bottles: Got two new selections from the wine club today.  Yea!

Writing: 20 pages away from the end of revisions.  I have been doing them with pen and paper, so next is entering all the revisions into the draft on the computer.  I expect it will go much more quickly.

Guitar: Same as last time: "Comfortably Numb" and "Rock and Roll Creation."