15 August 2013

Tramoya Verdejo 2010 - Rueda

The second wine in my Spanish wine club month was the Verdejo from Tramoya in the Rueda DO (Denominación de Origen), a region in the northwest of Spain.

I know I've had Verdejos before, but I am certain it was quite some time ago.  In a way, then, tasting Tramoya's Verdejo was like meeting the grape for the first time (again).

The wine had a great golden color, with a strongly citrusy, grapefruit nose.

The taste was mild, with creamy fruit.  It was not very acidic; it almost made me think of a dreamsicle.

Where the wine got interesting was in its body: it seemed quite a bit heavier than I was expecting, almost reminding me of Mosel Riesling in the way it felt on my tongue.

It was a delightful bottle, perfect for summer sipping.  If I recall correctly, I paired it with some sautéed tilapia and a salad, and it went well, even if it was not particularly revelatory.


Books: Wilderness Warrior, still.  Slow going.

Bottles: Did a very fun tasting of Siduri wines that were drawn from barrel and bottled specially for us at Gomer's Northland.  Apparently we were the first consumers in the nation to taste the 2012 Pinots.  It was super fun.  The rest of the wines will apparently be bottled soon and released toward the end of the month.  Getting a preview was very special.  I wish I had had some money to buy a few bottles, but I'm trying to save for the impending offer for Continuum 2010 in magnum!

Writing: Nothing on that front, though I have been doing a lot of artsy stuff in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Guitar: Looking at improvising, switching between major and minor.  Also practicing tone recognition in scale modes.