12 August 2013

Rios de Tinta 2010 Ribera del Duero

The Rios de Tinta 2010 Ribera del Duero came to me from my wine club in a month of Spanish wines, and I was very excited to get it.  I very much adore the wines of Spain, but have a hard time knowing what to try (other than everything), so getting, in this case, three different wines to try was great.  I will write about the other two bottles in due time.

The Rios de Tinta was blood red in color - very striking - and had an intensely fruity nose, full of scents of black cherry and plum.

The taste backed up the nose with more fruit, as well as hints of licorice.  It was dry and robust, more acidic than I was expecting, and with lighter tannins.

Compared to other wines from Ribera del Duero, it seemed lighter, fruitier, and much less austere; as I've not had a very broad exposure to the region, I wonder which is more typical.  Hopefully I will get to try more!


Books: Finishing The Wilderness Warrior.  After that, The Cuckoo's Calling and Dan Brown's Inferno.

Bottles: Roger Champault Sancerre Les Pierris 2011.  It was very enjoyable.

Writing: Not yet...

Guitar: Not much change; still looking at "La Grange," plus revisiting the harmonic minor scale.