30 August 2013

Leviathan 2009

I recently got two bottles of Leviathan 2009, a red blend from Napa, on sale at a good price.  Since they were young but I was curious, I decanted one, which I shared with friends at a party, and drank the other straight out of bottle, which I then took notes on.  I actually rather wish I had done both close together so I could have compared.

Regardless, the Leviathan was an inky plum color, quite beautiful in the glass.

It was young, and the nose hadn't developed quite yet; it was almost astringent with overwhelming oakiness.  It had a round, cassis-laden taste, and that oak showed through again; with time I think the flavors will integrate better.  What dim memory I have of the decanted bottle tends to support that conclusion - I seem to remember it being more complex and nuanced.

The finish was surprisingly mellow, a bit simple, but good.

Overall, a fine bottle of wine, especially for the price.


Books: Finally finished The Wilderness Warrior!  Hooray!  I've started The Cuckoo's Calling now.

Bottles: An interesting dry rose from France; can't remember the name.

Writing: Actually, been doing a lot of Photoshopping lately...but at least I'm doing something artistic.

Guitar: Examining fretboard logic. (TM?)