26 July 2013

Les Hospices Sancerre 2011

While I have had several Vouvrays from France's Loire Valley, I had not before had the chance to try a Sancerre, so when I saw some on the shelf I grabbed two to try.  The first was Les Hospices.

Made from Sauvignon Blanc, the Les Hospices was pale straw in color, with a surprisingly springy and vegetal nose.

It was dry but balanced, with a tangy peach flavor on top of the vegetal flavors.  It had just a hint of savoriness, too, though it was hard to quantify.

I wish I had taken better notes on the wine; I was cooking for someone and only took the most cursory of notes as we enjoyed it.  It also got used in the meal - a sort of sauce for turkey cutlets - and while I wasn't really sold on the turkey cutlets, the sauce was quite good.

An enjoyable bottle, overall, and I look forward to more explorations in Sancerre!


Books: Still working on The Lost Symbol; also, I finally got back The Wilderness Warrior, so I can finally finish it!

Bottles: The above.  There's another Sancerre soon!

Writing: Still working on other stuff right now, but I hope to get back to it soon.

Guitar: Looking at "La Grange" by ZZ Top, of all things!

23 July 2013

Acentor Garnacha 2011 - Calatayud DenominaciĆ³n de Origen

Acentor's 2011 Garnacha was one of the wines from my wine club this month, and I was excited to try it.  Spanish Garnacha was one of the first red wines I tried that I really enjoyed - in that case, it was a 2005 Zeta Garnacha.  It was the first wine I remember thinking "Wow, I like wine!"

That was many years ago - I think four or five years, now - and my tastes have continued to evolve, but I am always excited to return to an old friend.  Acentor brought back that sense of enjoyment that Zeta introduced me to all those years ago.

The wine was a bright garnet color with a light body, perfect for the summer days we've been having.  It was fragrant and herbaceous, but the young fruits shone through as well.

On the taste I was struck by the refreshing acidity, plus a cooling, almost minty note.  The herbal flavors carried through, along with plummy fruit flavors, which lingered on through the crisp finish.

I really enjoyed this wine, and it retails for $14 a bottle, making it a decent value as well.


Books: Reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  Nearly finished with it now; that will be a fun review to write!

Bottles: The above, plus I have more from the club - yea!

Writing: Taking a bit of a break while I focus on other pursuits for a little while.

Guitar: Looking at the scale modes right now, trying to get them memorized better, especially switching to the 5 string root.