16 June 2013

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged.  And so did I, after about 100 pages.

It's very strange; I found Rand's writing to be fairly good, and the characters were well-written.  Here's the thing, though: I hated all of them.  Like, literally, I could not identify with any of the characters.  Even ones I thought I might be able to identify with would later go on to merely anger me.

That's not to say I hated the philosophy Rand espoused, at least as much as I was able to absorb before I had to give up the book.  That said, I did find it rather stark; perhaps what bothered me most was that the characters being set up as protagonists, as best as I can tell, were also crippled by severe antisocial tendencies, perhaps to the point of being sociopathic or psychopathic.

Only one other time did I have to give up a book as being thoroughly unenjoyable to me, and that was Gravity's Rainbow last year.  Much like Atlas Shrugged, I had hoped to finish it, as it's considered an important work; that said, my time is important, too, and there are other important works I could no doubt be reading and enjoying with my time, rather than slogging through the book out of a sense of obligation.

I suppose I might come back to it in the future; perhaps time will make it more palatable to me.  We'll see, I guess.


Books: Gave up on Atlas Shrugged and moving on to The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which is already proving quite enjoyable.  Still waiting for The Wilderness Warrior to be available again so I can finish the last bit of it.

Bottles: Had some Cava last night, but nothing too much for a while.  Waiting for more wine club selections right now.

Writing: Working on letters and slowly slogging away at some sketches for SnD.  Need to read some John Grisham, too.  I'll probably take some with me to Florida when I go for a week.

Guitar: Still looking at "Marooned."