27 May 2013

Joseph Burrier Pouilly-Fuisse Classique Chateau de Beauregard 2006

Well, that bottle is rather a mouthful to write out.

I happen to love white Burgundy, so whenever I get to try a new one I'm always happy, and that this one came from my wine club was even better, because that means it's affordable, though not always readily available.

The wine was straw colored, with a mineral nose that had delicate floral hints to it.  I could have lived in the nose.  Did I mention how much I love white Burgundy?

The taste was restrained, with the butteriness I love balanced nicely by the fruit.  It was delectable, with hints of peach on the finish.  Truly one of the finer Puilly-Fuisses that I've tried.

I recently tried another white Burgundy as well...it was so terrible I poured out the bottle after the first sip and forgot to write it down.  Certainly, it was inferior to Joseph Burrier's.  Nonetheless I look forward to trying more white Burgundies in the future!


Books: Finished Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff, and I'm 75% done with The Wilderness Warrior and going to return to it shortly.

Bottles: Opened a bottle of 2010 Continuum with friends.  It was breathtaking.  My thoughts on it are soon to come.

Writing: Been taking a bit of a break as I get ready to move apartments.  Once that's done, it's back to Stand N Deliver.

Guitar: Working on "Marooned," which is really fun.