27 May 2013

Joseph Burrier Pouilly-Fuisse Classique Chateau de Beauregard 2006

Well, that bottle is rather a mouthful to write out.

I happen to love white Burgundy, so whenever I get to try a new one I'm always happy, and that this one came from my wine club was even better, because that means it's affordable, though not always readily available.

The wine was straw colored, with a mineral nose that had delicate floral hints to it.  I could have lived in the nose.  Did I mention how much I love white Burgundy?

The taste was restrained, with the butteriness I love balanced nicely by the fruit.  It was delectable, with hints of peach on the finish.  Truly one of the finer Puilly-Fuisses that I've tried.

I recently tried another white Burgundy as well...it was so terrible I poured out the bottle after the first sip and forgot to write it down.  Certainly, it was inferior to Joseph Burrier's.  Nonetheless I look forward to trying more white Burgundies in the future!


Books: Finished Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff, and I'm 75% done with The Wilderness Warrior and going to return to it shortly.

Bottles: Opened a bottle of 2010 Continuum with friends.  It was breathtaking.  My thoughts on it are soon to come.

Writing: Been taking a bit of a break as I get ready to move apartments.  Once that's done, it's back to Stand N Deliver.

Guitar: Working on "Marooned," which is really fun.

14 May 2013

Defending Jacob by William Landay

I finished Defending Jacob a few weeks ago, but it has taken me a while to process it and get to a point where I felt I could talk about it coherently.  Incidentally, I'm back at The Wilderness Warrior, and nearing the three-quarters mark.  T.R. is currently in his second term and just finished his wolf hunt in the Oklahoma Territory.

A confession: I used to be addicted to Law & Order.  All of them.  Back when I was in college TNT used to run L&O reruns pretty much all day long, so whenever I was in my room doing homework or whatever, L&O was on in the background.  I used to watch every new episode of it, plus SVU and Criminal Intent, and even the short-lived Trial by Jury.  Obviously this was a while ago...

So, coming at a novel like Defending Jacob, I could not help sometimes reading it through the lens of so many hours of L&O.  Even so, Defending Jacob was different: truly unexpected at several turns, and a very gripping read.

The premise is simple enough: Andy Barber, an assistant DA in a small town close to Boston, MA, gets assigned to investigate the murder of a classmate of his son, Jacob, only for his son to end up as the prime suspect.

The execution is far from simple, though, bringing in all kinds of philosophical quandaries: nature vs. nurture, the roles (and responsibilities) of parents, personal loyalty...the list goes on.  I find it hard to be too specific without risking giving things away, and even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog, I would hate to be a spoiler.

Anyway, through it all, Landay kept me guessing.  I suppose you could say there were more than one Law & Order Twist.  Certainly, the ending, more than anything, left me a little shaken.  Even now I'm not entirely sure what I think about it.  Truth be told, I wish some of my friends had read the book, so I could talk to them about it.  Oh well.


Books: The above; and almost 75% done with The Wilderness Warrior.  Only 230 pages left!

Bottles: Some good ones: Joseph Burrier Pouilly-Fuisse Classique and Continuum 2010(!!!!).  The Continuum was especially amazing.

Writing: Still querying about Into the Shining Sun, and otherwise working on sketches for Stand N Deliver.  Which continues to amuse me.  I actually got a few books on songwriting to support it.  So far I've just written one song for it.

Guitar: Nearly done fixing the tabs for "Marooned," so going to look at that soon!  Meanwhile, I soldered some patch cables for my pedal board a bit wrong, so I can pick up ESPN Radio on my amp when I use the pedal board.  Fun times.