01 April 2013

Inacayal Vineyards Pinot Grigio 2011

I got the bottle of Inacayal from my wine club membership: the theme for March was Italian grapes with new world producers.  I really enjoyed this bottle.

It had a pale honey color, and even from the initial pour, without even bringing the glass to my nose I was hit with the smell of peaches.

Peaches dominated the taste for me, too.  The wine was fresh and ripe, with less acidity than I was expecting - but it didn’t really need the acidity.  It was refreshing, though it had a weighty mouthfeel that went well with my dinner: stuffed peppers and roasted asparagus.  Though by no means a perfect pairing, the wine cut through the beef in the peppers nicely, and held up to the flavored extra-virgin olive oil and infused balsamic that the asparagus was dressed with.

All in all, an enjoyable bottle.  I will be sure to describe the red wine as well once I open it.

Books: Still working on The Wilderness Warrior.

Bottles: Had some Food Network "entwine."  It was...interesting.

Writing: First pass at a summary finished.  Now to make it not crappy.

Guitar: Same...