06 April 2013

Food Network "entwine"

I tried out Food Network's "entwine" Cabernet Sauvignon.  It was a gift for me after my mom saw a bottle at the grocery store and thought it sounded interesting.  Interesting is a good word for it.

It had a nice garnet color, but a surprising light body for Cabernet.  The nose wasn't terribly complicated, mostly containing oaky notes, but a hint of vanilla as well.

The flavor was simple and fruity - not unpleasant but not complex at all.

All in all, it was a simple, straightforward wine.  It was not unenjoyable, and the price was hard to beat (something like $10), but all in all, I think there are better options out there.


Books: Still working on The Wilderness Warrior.  Also starting some fiction.  I got Defending Jacob, The Love Song of Jonny Valentine, and Stormdancer.  Not sure which one I am going to read first - probably Love Song, since it had the longest line for other holds and probably can't be renewed if I don't finish it in time.

Bottles: The above.  My bottles of Continuum 2010 should arrive soon!!!!!!!  I am super excited.

Writing: Waiting for feedback on my query and synopsis from a couple of readers, and meanwhile started working on some character sketches and tidbits for my next project.

Guitar: Going to a jam session tomorrow week!  I am taking my slide along with me.  Should be lots of fun.  I also ordered a Demeter Compulator in a moment of weakness and can't wait to try it.