21 April 2013

Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve 2008

I went to Plaza III - The Steakhouse for a birthday celebration with friends, and while there we enjoyed two bottles of Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve 2008, an exceptional Pinot Noir from Oregon.

I've been trying to explore more of the great Pinots coming out of Oregon lately, so this was an excellent chance to enjoy one of the most consistently good wineries of the state.

The wine had a delicate ruby color, and a wonderfully light body.  The nose was so meaty it was heaven.  There was even a hint of smoke to it, which boded well for its pairing with the filet mignon au poivre that I ate with it.

The flavor was oaky and herbaceous, which was kind of surprising to me - not something I'd encountered before, that I could recall at least, but it was extremely pleasing.  It had a wonderful balance, with a backbone of tannin that was far from overpowering, but instead tied the entire wine together.

I loved it, and so did everyone else.  I look forward to trying more of Domaine Serene's offerings!


Books: Still on Wilderness Warrior; getting closer to his assumption of the Presidency, I think.

Bottles: The above, plus a nice Pouilly-Fuisse from Chateau de Beauregard.

Writing: Working on some sketches for Stand n Deliver, plus writing some songs for it.  Pretty fun!

Guitar: My new Butler Tube Driver should get here tomorrow, plus my new Seymour Duncan SSL-5 pickup...yea!