19 April 2013

Anima Chardonnay

I was at Michael Smith Restaurant here in KC and looking at their wines by the glass when I saw something I had never seen: wines from Romania.  I decided to get one to try, and settled on the Anima Chardonnay.  I'm not sure what vintage, but I expect 2008-2010 to be the most likely years.

At first glance I could tell it was not typical chardonnay: it was a golden, sort of egg-yolk color.  It had a nose full of honey and apricot jam, neither of which are scents I've come to associate with Chardonnay.  It was not unpleasant, though.

Upon tasting, the wine was fruity and light-bodied.  Though it had that essence of Chardonnay, it almost reminded me of a Pinot Grigio in how light it was on the tongue.  It had a much higher acidity than I was expecting, and it wasn't very dry at all.  I suspect it was aged in steel and not oak, as I could detect none of the usual characteristics of oaked Chardonnay.

An unusual wine, all in all, but an enjoyable one.  I will keep my eye peeled for more Romanian wines in the future.


Books: Still working on The Wilderness Warrior.  Also saw an amusing series in the library called the Tea Shop Mystery series.  Loving tea, I admit my curiosity was aroused.

Bottles: Anima Chardonnay!  Got a few new bottles to try from The Cellar Rat as well.

Writing: Have my first query ready to send; I'm just waiting to make sure the formatting doesn't get wonky across different email clients.

Guitar: Got a bunch of pedals...which I probably should not have done...as well as a new bridge pickup.  Can't wait to try them out.