26 March 2013

Kosta Browne 2010 Russian River Valley

Well, it was quite a while ago that I drank this bottle - several months, in fact - so I will try to reconstruct the experience as best I can with what notes I took.

I got the bottle at a restaurant in Smithville, MO called Justus Drugstore, which was (by the way) awesome.  If memory serves I had some beef brisket or something like that, with mashed potatoes and some sort of healthy vegetable as well...

My notes indicate it had a light, frothy body, with a rich ruby color.  I wrote down the note “Peppy.”  Not sure what that means.  It’s in the section with the other notes on appearance.

The nose I recorded as “spicy,” with hints of cinnamon, and earthy minerality.

The mouthfeel was smooth and supple; the wine had mellow fruit and mellow acidity to match, presenting a balanced structure with softer tannins than I was expecting.

One last note I wrote said that as it breathed I began to detect maple syrup - whether taste or scent the note is unclear, though I suspect may have been both.  I remember it being a very good bottle, and excellent with dinner.

I was attracted to Kosta Browne since one of their 2009 Pinot Noirs had won Wine Spectator’s 2011 Wine of the Year.  This was my first chance to have a bottle - indeed, my first time seeing it on a list since becoming aware of the winery - and it did not disappoint.  I remember that much!
Addendum: Turns out that this wine made Wine Spectator's Top 100 for 2012, in the #91 spot!


Books: Same.

Bottles: Inacayal Pinot Grigio 2011.

Writing: Working on the summary blurb for my letter.

Guitar: Looking at "Where We Start" right now.  Also started working on editing the tabs for Marooned to use the whammy instead of slide.