31 August 2012

Altos de Tamaron 2009

I'd had the bottle of Altos de Tamaron 2009 Ribera del Duero for nearly a year, and finally got around to opening it.  It was an exceptionally rewarding bottle.  My enjoyment of Spanish wines is great and growing greater still, but that said, I so rarely grab a bottle when at the store simply because I am not as familiar with them, and with a limited amount of money for bottles, one tends to go with what one is certain to enjoy.

The Ribera del Duero is perhaps my favorite Spanish appellation right now, and the Altos was a fine example of it.  It was a deep maroon color, with a heavier body than I was expecting that gave the wine a sense of heft and dignity.

The nose was mild but spicy, quite enticing.  The taste was powerfully fruity and flowed smoothly into a mellow oak flavor, finishing crisply.  Upon reflection the finish of the wine was perhaps not as good as it could have been, seeming a little bit swift; but it was enjoyable while it lasted.

I shared the bottle with a friend who also found the wine very enjoyable.  It's an affordable bottle that I will no doubt look for again soon.


Books: Waiting for Gathering Blue from the library; meanwhile, I'm reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Bottles: The above.

Writing: Today I finished Chapter 9 of the fourth draft.  I'm not progressing as quickly as I'd like, but I am in fact progressing at a fair pace, so as usual I think I set expectations for myself too high.  Either way I'm going to keep at it and hopefully get a bit quicker as I get further along.

Guitar: Finishing up "On an Island," looking at "Dogs" once more now that I'm a bit better at playing.