25 July 2012

Esk Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2010

I got this bottle as part of my wine club membership at The Cellar Rat.  I've been in love with New Zealand wines for a while, and this has got to be one of my favorites so far.

I have never seen a wine so delicately pale, it was not much darker than water, but it was a beautiful color.

The nose was overwhelmingly peachy, sweet and fruity and crisp.  Upon first taste I was surprised - I had been expecting something rather tart, but it was in fact buttery, the acidity taking a back seat to the mellow fruitiness of peaches.  There were hints of citrus and herb, too, a surprising strength to it.  The finish, a taste of peach, lingered on the mid-palate for a long, long time.

One of my new favorites!


Books: Reading A Storm of Swords right now.  Going to read The Giver afterwards.

Bottles: The above.  Also been trying some other things, some not as tasty.

Writing: Re-reading ITSS in preparation of starting my fourth draft.

Guitar: Started "On an Island."  Finishing "Bouree."  Also still working up speed on "On the Turning Away."