17 March 2012

Turley Duarte Zinfandel 1999

I bought my bottle of Turley Duarte 1999 when I went to Aureole in Las Vegas, a restaurant with a wine list that won a Grand Award from Wine Spectator.  Their wine collection was quite impressive, housed in a 44-foot-tall glass tower, and their “wine angels” used wire harnesses to get the wine from its alcoves in the tower.

The wine was a pure blood red - or it may have simply been the lighting, as it was a little strange where I was sitting - with a heady scent of honey and oak.  I frequently find honey notes in Zinfandels I taste; I don’t know if it’s me or the Zinfandels, but either way, it was good.

The wine was mellow, with a taste of pure fruit, a veritable explosion of it.  Age made it delightfully smooth and balanced.  It had no bite that younger Zinfandels often had- just a pure power, cutting through my palate and absorbing me.

It was deliciously complex, but in the end it distilled down to a lingering note of honeyed oak on the finish.

It was a beautiful bottle, which I shared with three friends over a cheese plate and desserts.


Books: Just finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  It was amazing!  Up next: Gravity's Rainbow.

Bottles: Having some Chateau Lamothe de Haux Bordeaux-Blanc with salmon tonight.

Writing: Well, notes finished but no real progress on the rewrite yet.  I have made a promise myself to make a real start on Monday.  I got sidetracked by my spring frenzy of cleaning.

Guitar: Still working on "Shine On."  Solos are down pretty good; working on fills and rhythms now.