15 March 2012

Francesco Rinaldi & Figli 2006 “Le Brunate” Barolo d’Alba

I drank Francesco Rinaldi & Figli 2006 “Le Brunate” Barolo d’Alba with a multi-course dinner at d.vino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I went first through a bread course, then a cheese course, entree, and ended with desert.  I was with a group of nine, and we managed to polish off three bottles.  It was probably my best Italian wine experience to date.

The Le Brunate had a purplish-ruby color in the glass, and a medium body - far lighter than I had been anticipating, but then, I think it was one of my first Barolos so my expectations weren’t exactly well-founded.

The nose was full of heavenly fruit, layered atop smooth oak scents.

The taste was super-smooth, with potent but balanced tannins.  The fruit was juicy and slightly tart, and a hint of licorice tied the wine together.

The chef prepared a pair of five-cheese platters for us, with some overlap between the two, so we ended up with, if memory serves, 8 cheeses to try.  Grana Padano was particularly nice with the wine, as was the Chimay and the Ubriaco del Piave.

It was a wonderful wine experience.


Books: Just got a huge pile of them, consisting of The Fault in Our Stars, The Magicians, The Magician King, and Gravity's Rainbow.  I also read an old Babylon 5 book which was, shall we say, of a bit less quality than the other B5 books I have read.

Bottles: Nothing new lately.

Writing: Finally finished arranging my notes - 19 pages of them!  Given that the novel itself is 159 pages, that's kind of a lot!

Guitar: Working on "Shine On" and also experimenting with variations on the pentatonic scale.  Looking at starting "On an Island" next lesson.