14 February 2012

Naia 2006

I encountered Naia 2006 rather by accident, at Columbia Restaurant in Orlando, Florida.  It was recommended to me by the sommelier after my first choice of Albarino was unavailable.

It’s made from the Verdejo grape.  Verdejo is not a grape I usually seek out, and while this wine may have been a good expression of it, the fact remains it’s not my favorite.

The wine had a surprisingly meaty nose, one which I rarely encounter in white wines.  Atop the meatiness with the strong scent of peach.  Its deep golden color was nearly as rich as a Sauternes.

The taste revealed a big punch of acidity, which overwhelmed the fruit for me, and afterwards it highlighted sharp mineral notes before ending on a crisp, dry finish.

As I’ve gotten further away from the initial drink and have had time to think about it, I suppose my biggest problem with the Naia was that it was too heavy, in many dimensions: acidity, minerality, dryness, body, even the color seemed too much.  It felt to me like the wine was trying be too many things at once.


Books: Finished The Family, nearly done with Entwined Lives.  After that, Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error.

Bottles: Going to Vegas soon, where I will surely experience some new and exciting wines!

Writing: Well, enjoying writing a few chapters here and there on a short story that is purely for my own amusement, and looking forward to reading the second draft of ITSS and then getting started on the third.

Guitar: Been working so much lately I can't quite remember what I'm supposed to be practicing.  Thankfully I wrote it down.