08 February 2012

Domaine Bruno Clair “Les Vaudenelles” 2006 Marsannay, Revisited

I have had several bottles of Bruno Clair’s “Les Vaudenelles,” but the one I drank recently had been cellaring since I bought it, and the added age took the wine to a whole new level.

The wine had always possessed a light ruby color, but it seemed to me to possess extra clarity this time around, and displayed a light but lush body in the glass.

The nose had taken on new aspects - I detected chocolate this time around, but above all the fruit had become much more developed, with dark, red berry scents.

The mouthfeel was exceedingly smooth, and the taste was an explosion of fruit with a great backbone of smooth tannins - not drying or overly harsh, but mellow, perfectly in harmony with the fruit.  As before, the wine’s finish lingered seemingly forever, but this time I found myself detecting hints of licorice and plum.  The oak was very much in the background throughout, having softened considerably from my last tasting.  I was glad I bought enough bottles of this wine to enjoy it at several points in its lifetime; I still have one bottle left, now more cherished than ever.  This was a wonderful bottle and an amazing experience.


Books: Still working on The Family, but also read Indivisible by Two: Lives of Extraordinary Twins by Nancy L. Segal.  It was a brisk read and really insightful and will prove invaluable in my next rewrite.

Bottles: Been at work all week so probably no new bottles until my trip to Las Vegas.

Guitar: No chance, really; too much work.

Writing: As I said above, doing research still; 1 of two books I wanted to get read have now been read.  I expect to get the other one read by Monday or Tuesday at the latest and then I will start on my reread of my book, making notes before I start the rewrite.  My planned date of completion for the draft is the end of March, which would be a nice birthday present for myself I guess.