17 February 2012

Bodegas Leda Vina Viejas 2003

Bodegas Leda had been at the top of my list of Spanish wines to look out for, since it has consistently been reviewed as offering superior quality at excellent prices, and the bottle I had at Columbia Restaurant in Orlando, Florida - the 2003 Vina Viejas - did not disappoint.

The wine was dark, inky, turning nearly to black once you took it out of direct light.  The nose had a profound scent of almond, and yet it was utterly smooth and alluring.  The potent fruitiness on the tasting was in perfect harmony with bold but mellow tannins, while the hint of almond was consistent throughout.

I’ve not had much chance to explore the wines of Spain - it has never been high on my list of go-to wines, and I’ve encountered great Spanish wines more through serendipity through anything else.  I hope to explore more in the future, and I certainly expect to find more of similar quality to Bodegas Leda.


Books: Finished Entwined Lives and started on Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error.

Bottles: Just got half a case of 2009 Dashe Late Harvest Zinfandel, which I am eager to begin drinking.

Writing: Starting now on the revisions since I finished Entwined Lives.

Guitar: Not had a chance to practice much and I leave for a week in Vegas tonight, so there still won't be much time.