14 December 2011

Chateau Trois Moulins 2006 Haut-Medoc

I drank Chateau Trois Moulins 2006 in a restaurant in Louisville called Z-Fusion, along with a dinner of purple gnocchi with arugula.  While it was not, perhaps, the best of pairings, I am always excited to get to explore French wines.  I tend to order them at restaurants more often than I buy them in stores, especially a finer restaurant, as I trust the restaurant to find something that will be good.
It was a deep garnet color, with a heady nose of oak and spice.  Like most Bordeaux wines I have experienced, it was a sumptuous wine, with great complexity of both smell and flavor.  It had supple fruits which gave way to a punch of acidity; as it transformed on my tongue, it again revealed plenty of oak, herbs, and spice.

I truly need to explore France more; I find I lack the necessary breadth of experience to offer any truly meaningful comparisons.  I look forward to the chance to do so!


Books: Reading The Lord of the Rings, as I do each December.

Bottles: Had some Alamos 2010 Malbec recently.  I think I’m ready to find a new table wine.

Guitar: Working on a oblique bending exercise, and started on “Learn to Fly.”  I think next week I might also start on “A Pocketful of Stones,” from David Gilmour’s On an Island.  We’ll see.

Writing: Actually, pondering a short story that would take place within the Lovecraft mythos, albeit in modern times.  And on February 1 I will be launching into the third draft of Into the Shining Sun, as well as beginning the long process of trying to secure an agent.  Wow!