01 November 2011

Stoneboat Vineyards 2008 Pinotage

Stoneboat Vineyards 2008 Pinotage
Okanagan Black Sage Bench
As a disclaimer, I must confess to having avoided Pinotage after my friend and wine-mentor Bruce told me the story of the bottle of South African Pinotage he sampled which tasted as if it had been aged in an old tire instead of a barrel.  However, I do enjoy trying new and unique wines, and BC Pinotage was an experience I wasn’t likely to get anywhere in the US, so I tried it.
It was a dark plum color which belied the light body.  It had a cherry and candy nose, and surprising tartness.
It had a light fruity taste, which turned towards bitter midway through.  Mellow tannins gave way to a gently acidic finish.


Books: Catching up on magazines right now.

Bottles: Had a good pair at Tannin Wine Bar, and also tried the latest vintage of Orin Swift's "The Prisoner."

Writing: Nearly finished with Chapter 13.

Guitar: Working on song-writing right now.