17 October 2011

Nemea Boutari 2007

I encountered the 2007 Nemea Boutari at Stepho’s, an exceptional Greek restaurant in downtown Vancouver.  I had never encountered the wine before - in fact, I had never had the chance to sample any Greek wines before - and was excited for the chance.
A light ruby color with an airy body, it had unique herbal aromas on the nose.  I have a hard time describing exactly what it was like; they were aromas I had never encountered before in a wine and I had a hard time placing them.  In retrospect I want to say it smelled like bay or pine.
The first effect once I took a sip was the racy acidity on my tongue, slowly developing into mellow, slightly bitter fruits.  It was very lightly tannic.  The finish was another hit of those herbal notes displayed in the nose.
It was made from the Agiorgitiko grape, which I have never had before.  I found it to be very similar to Blaufränkisch.
My meal consisted of fried cheese balls (which the wine accompanied quite well, cutting through the fattiness of the cheese); an egg-lemon soup, made with orzo and chicken (which the wine did not accompany well); and chicken souvlaki (which the wine did not really interact with).  All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable bottle and a very memorable meal.


Books: Finished The Sign of the Four, starting A First Rate Madness.

Bottles: Nothing lately.

Writing: More than half done on the rewrite.  Recently reread the second half to get back into the mindset of writing for Adam.  I feel good about it.

Guitar: Practicing some new 4- and 5-note exercises on the Pentatonic scale, also "My Hero" by Foo Fighters, and trying to get back into "Hey You" and "Young Lust."  Hoping to start on the third solo of "Coming Back to Life" soon.  Maybe also more on songwriting.