08 September 2011

Orin Swift The Prisoner 2009

I’ve been a fan of Orin Swift ever since sampling his 2007 Papillon Bordeaux blend, and The Prisoner 2009 was not a disappointment.  A primarily Zinfandel blend, it was young and vivacious, but not overwhelmingly so, and it mellowed quickly in the glass.
It was a deep plum color, with a spicy nose that displayed surprising meaty notes.  I think I also smelled hints of rhubarb, a first for me!
It was fruit, medium bodied, with soft round berry flavors and a smooth feel on the tongue.  The finish was quick and clean, without being terribly drying.
I enjoyed the wine with friends, sitting outside the hotel in Avon, Colorado, enjoying the night air.  It went over well with everyone.  We purchased it at a store for about $30, and I don’t expect it to be hard to find again.


Books: Just finished The Genius Factory, and about to start in on The Shining.

Bottles: Tried out Trader Joe's Zinfandel but didn't have a chance to take notes.  I do have a second bottle.  So far it's been an imminently drinkable table wine.

Writing: Into chapter 2, proceeding apace.

Guitar: "Young Lust" and also "Hey You" - one leads and fills, the other rhythm parts.  I also play "Coming Back to Life" most days and am pretty close to keeping up with the recording, which makes he happy.  Soon I will have to make a start on the third solo, which I have so far avoided.