14 September 2011

Franciscan Estate 2007 Napa Valley

This Cabernet from Napa Valley’s delectable 2007 vintage did not disappoint.  It was ruby colored, full bodied, with an intensely oaky nose.
Upon drinking, it revealed several flavor layers: the inky berries, hints of pepper and spice, sharp oak, and that indefinable taste that I have come to associate with Napa wines.  It was one of the driest wines I have had from Napa, and the dryness lingered on in a mouth-puckering finish.
This wine was enjoyed immediately after the Orin Swift The Prisoner 2009, and on the whole I think The Prisoner was more enjoyable by itself, though I suspect the Franciscan Estate would go excellently with a meaty meal.


Books: About to start in on The Shining.

Bottles: Tried a glass of Napa Cellars' Sauvignon Blanc, but didn't really take any notes.  Got a little too drunk a little too fast; I think it was either stronger than I expected or I drank it too fast.  Also I was having it with dinner and my stomach was pretty empty when I started.

Guitar: Started on "Times Like These" by Foo Fighters.  Still working on "Hey You" and "Young Lust;" the latter is proving troublesome in some spots, due to the tabs not making what the recording sounds like.  The former is just difficult to make the chord changes fast enough all while arpeggiating the chords.

Writing: Well, five chapters and 14,000 words in to the second draft now.  At this point in the first draft it was only 9,000 words long.  I'm actually kind of pleased that I've been expanding it as I go, finding new things.  The hard part will be paring it back down again, removing things that are useless.  It is hard to kill your babies.