07 July 2011

K Syrah Pheasant Vineyard Wahluke Slope 2008

K Syrah, which is, by the way, a great pun, is one of my new favorite bottlings, and the first Washington wine I have been truly excited about.  The particular one I had was from the Wahluke Slope, but K makes several bottlings of Syrah.
The wine was a garnet color, with a medium-heavy body and a slightly minty nose.  The dark fruits were balanced against the oak, and laced with complex herbal and mineral flavors - truly, one of the most complex wines I’ve had the pleasure to drink!  It was exceptionally smooth - I shared the bottle with 5 others, and every single one of them, independently of the others, commented first on how amazingly smooth it was - but I have to say it would have been better if I hadn’t broken the cork in it.  Operator error, alas.  Anyway, the finish lingered on a sweet cherry note.
My colleagues and I shared the bottle to celebrate the end of a tough week’s work in San Diego, and it was a true crowd pleasure.  I found the bottle at a wine store in the Gaslamp in San Diego, but I’ve found it in Kansas City before as well, for about $40 a bottle.  I will be stocking the cellar with as many as I can find!


Books: Making a slow start on Tom Sawyer.

Bottles: Nothing new recently.

Writing: Same old...working on the prose version of Into the Shining Sun.

Guitar: "In the Flesh(?)" and "The Thin Ice."  Might be taking a look at "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" next week.  Yea.