27 June 2011

Justin Winery 2007 Isosceles Paso Robles

An unusual blend from Paso Robles, which is usually known for its Rhone blends, Isosceles was composed of 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc, and 4% Merlot - a Bordeaux blend if there ever was one!  It was an amazing wine, however.  Deep ruby in color, medium bodied with a potent nose of oak and sour cherries.  On the tongue, the wine was surprisingly cooling - almost like mint leaves, though it had no taste of mint - instead showing dry, oaky flavors against a crisp acidity.

I enjoyed the bottle with some friends over a cheese platter at Lou & Mickey’s at the Gaslamp in San Diego.  The restaurant didn’t really order a cheese platter but when my friend asked, the chef was able to put something together for us - gouda, cheddar, swiss, and, most delicious, a pesto-covered parmesan, which I will be recreating myself in the near future.  It was an enjoyable bottle and an enjoyable afternoon.


Books: Finished TS Eliot's The Wasteland, but that's a poem not a book...
Bottles: Nothing new right now.
Writing: Still plodding along on novella.  Going is a bit slower right now but hopefully it will pick back up again.
Guitar: Away from my electric, but found an acoustic to play, so I'm revisiting "Is There Anybody Out There?" as well as "Wish You Were Here" and "Wot's the Deal?"