21 June 2011

Edward Sellers Le Thief Paso Robles 2007

Edward Sellers Le Thief Paso Robles 2007

A Rhone-style blend made of 60% Syrah, 25% Mourvedre, and 15% Grenache, Le Thief was an excellent bottle.  The wine was a deep plum color, with a surprisingly gentle nose that revealed scents of slate and raisin.  It expressed strong berry flavors and had a surprisingly light and airy mouthfeel, though it was by no means lacking in power.  It finished with a smooth and crisp finish.

I drank the wine at a restaurant in San Diego called Searsucker, which featured tapas as well as contemporary Californian cuisine.  I had baked brie, baked boucheron, duck-fat fries, steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, three different salads, and perhaps more that I can't remember.  The wine was quite drinkable with all, but it was truly exceptional with the steak.


Books: Not reading anything new right now; I’m on vacation and just rereading some Wheel of Time on my iPad.
Bottles: The above, also K Syrah 2008 Wahluke Slope, Tenuta Di Nozzole Chianti Classico Riserva 2006, and Justin Winery Isosceles 2007 Paso Robles.
Writing: Working steadily on the novella of the screenplay.
Guitar: Started on some new stuff before I left for Vancouver...I have forgotten most of it but I will get to practice when I get home.