20 April 2011

John Duval Wines “Entity” Barossa Valley Shiraz 2005

John Duval Wines “Entity” Barossa Valley Shiraz 2005

I celebrated my birthday recently and opened up a bottle I had been saving for a special occasion - John Duval Wines “Entity” 2005.  I don’t have much experience with Australian wine, but I sampled some at a tasting in November of 2009 and got the bottle then, and I’ve been saving it since.

The wine was deep crimson in color, almost blood-colored (but not unpleasantly so).  It had a pronounced, earthy nose.

It tasted of subtle fruits against strong, structured tannins.  A strong potent finish lingered with a bright acidity on the palate.

I had the wine with empanadas - beef, raisin, and onion ones, to be exact.  I can’t say it had any noticeable interaction, but I also can’t say I was expecting one.  Either way, it was an enjoyable bottle and a fun foray into Australian wine.


Books: Reading The Time Machine.  I think it’s nearly done.

Bottles: Been drinking Alamos Malbec 2009 with dinner lately; been working a lot and dinner hasn’t 
been much special.

Guitar: Just started on “Goodbye Blue Sky” which is very exciting for me.

Writing: Hoping to do some this week at work, during my downtime.  I write better when out of the house.