15 April 2011

Chappellet Signature 2008 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Chappellet is one of my favorite Napa wineries, and its 2008 Signature Cabernet was superb.

Ruby colored, it offered powerful oak aromas with a hint of fruit. It was full-bodied, with tastes of ripe fruits, smooth tannins, and a robust dryness that made me feel it could stand up to pretty much anything. It had a delightfully lingering finish.

I enjoyed the bottle with a friend, and we shared an appetizer of Parmesan Thyme Crispy Flatbread. It revealed amazing (and surprising!) notes of fruit and lemon drop on the back of my tongue, a truly remarkable pairing and one I will endeavor to repeat.

For my main course I had cedar-plank salmon with asparagus, sweet carrots, and crispy red potatoes; the wine was good with the salmon but not great, standing up to the cedar flavors, but gaining an unfortunate bitterness from the fish.

The meal and wine were consumed at Seasons 52 in Orlando, and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. If I’m back in Orlando again, I will definitely return!

Incidentally, I also had dessert, but had finished the wine by that point. Dessert was small bites (served in shot glasses): one of Meyer Lemon Cake and one of Key Lime Pie.  Both were amazing.

Chappellet Signature retails for about $40-45 and I found my bottles at some of the better wine stores.


Books: Reading The Mote in God's Eye, which is finally getting exciting.

Bottles: Drank a bottle of Australian Shiraz recently, can't remember the name off the top of my head, but it was pretty good.  Not a big fan of the Australian style - yet - but I hope to do more exploration and find ones I really like.

Writing: Still being lazy, but have had some thoughts lately...

Guitar: Just got some new song books.  Also started on "Best of You."