28 March 2011

Chateau Lamothe de Haux Bordeaux-Blanc

Chateau Lamothe de Haux, a Grand Vin de Bordeaux, is made from 40% SauvignonBlanc, 40% Semillon, and 20% Muscadelle.  It was my first experience with a white wine from Bordeaux, but hopefully not my last.  I found it on special at The Cellar Rat in Downtown KC where it was on sale, and I got it for less than $20; while it probably doesn't aspire to the heights that first-growths reach, it was not a bad first foray into this category.

The wine was a bright golden color, with scents of apple cider and orange blossoms in the bouquet.  It had a potent acidity (which was, sadly, magnified by my accidentally leaving it in the refrigerator too long), but it did gradually mellow on the palate as it was warmed by my tongue.  It slowly evolved into soft fruit flavors, as well as a slight minerality, before revealing a slight sweetness.  The finish lingered on a clean, crisp note.

All in all, not my favorite wine; I will try it again when it's not over-chilled, but so far, I find it lacks the finesse of white Burgundy and the sweetness of Vouvray.


Books: Still on Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison.

Bottles: The above.  My birthday is soon and I have several special bottles waiting...

Guitar: Working on "Fat Old Sun" and "Everlong."

Writing: Working on Part 3, which I will finish before going back and doing a rewrite of the whole thing.