16 February 2011

Trimbach Riesling 2007

I recently read an article about the wines of Alsace - it wasn't a recent article but I finally got around to reading it.  The article discussed the great values to be found in Alsace, as well as discussing the unique kind of wine they mak there - a Riesling that is similar to their German neighbors but also drier and more acidic.  Trimbach's 2007 Riesling fits this description perfectly.

The wine was a pale peach color, and revealed scents of lemon peel and other citrus fruits.  The mouthfeel was creamy, and when I drank it I was hit first with the potent acidity, which was followed up by strong citrus fruit flavors, and a surprisingly dry and crisp finish, with notes of honey and slate.

I enjoyed the Trimbach with a meal of honey-dijon chicken and fettucine alfredo.  The most interesting interaction was with the chicken - it intensified the potency of the mustard but also enhanced the sweetness of the honey; a surprisingly good pairing!  It didn't hold up as well to the alfredo, however; the cheese and cream of the sauce totally drowned out the wine.

Overall, the Trimbach was an enjoyable first excursion into the wines of Alsace, and at less than $20 for the bottle, one I shall be making again soon!


Books: Still catching up on Wine Spectators.

Bottles: The above, plus a bottle of 2006 Ramey Claret.

Writing: About to commence on the third draft of the novella, which will also include a Part 3, which has yet to be written!  I begin tomorrow!

Guitar: Started on "Sorrow."  Still looking at "Sheep" and Carcassi's "Study in A."