08 February 2011

Salem's Lot

I recently finished reading Salem's Lot by Stephen King.  I have never really been into vampire fiction, but I enjoyed Salem's Lot a great deal.  I must confess to even being a bit unnerved by some passages if I read before bed time, and that's fairly rare for me these days.

I've been a lover of The Dark Tower Series for several years, and that is what led me to read Lot, to see Father Callahan in action.  I enjoyed seeing him - it was like visiting an old friend - and I enjoyed the other characters as well.  Barlow was one of the most fascinating characters to me - not necessarily for being an embodiment of evil so much as being so old, that life has become more or less a game to him.

I read the illustrated edition, which also included two short stories relating to the Lot,  "One For the Road" and "Jerusalem's Lot," the latter of which was extremely chilling to me, and its depiction of demonic worship was darkly fascinating.

I also noticed the extreme frequency of the word "tenebrous" in the novel.  I've read the word before but never really given it that much thought - it means dark - but having been reminded of its existence, I may have to start using it more.  Though it doesn't really sound like me - I shall have to save it for special occasions, I suppose.

Salem's Lot was an extremely good read.  More of King's oeuvre is on my reading list down the line and I look forward to immersing myself in another long read!


Books: Finished Salem's Lot.  Catching up on some issues of Wine Spectator that I'm behind on.

Bottles: Bought two bottles recently - Ramey Claret 2006 and Chappellet Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, both of which I look forward to enjoying in the future.

Writing: Finished second draft of my novella.  It consists of two parts.  More and more, I'm thinking it won't really be complete until the third part is done as well.  I am going to start on that soon.  It has been on my mind a great deal lately.

Guitar: Working on "Sheep" and Carcassi's "Study in A."  Not practicing as much as I wanted to - truth be told, the blizzard sapped most of my energy, and what wasn't sapped was put into the novella revisions.  I will be much more dedicated this week.  I must be!