28 December 2010

Tron: Legacy

Here's hoping everyone had a nice winter solstice, whatever that entails for you and your family.

The season has been busy for me, but I did have the chance to see Tron: Legacy today and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I read a lot of reviews that were middling to unfavorable, most remarking on the visuals but lamenting the "lack of story."

Truth be told, yes, the visuals were stunning, but what I found more impressive was simply the imagination.  At its heart, the original Tron was, to my mind at least, epitomized by the idea of a bunch of people sitting around, asking each other, "Hey wouldn't it be cool if..."  This is what Tron: Legacy captures perfectly.  Was the story brilliant?  No, but it was not bad, far from it, and it had some nice moments in there.  But what was truly astounding was the scope of the film, the locales they created, the sets and costumes, the world they brought to life.  I think sometimes critics forget that it's okay for a movie to be about whimsy and fun, and Tron: Legacy delivered it in droves.  I will be going back to see it again!


Books: Finished The Hobbit, working on The Lord of the Rings.  We've just left the Midgewater Marshes.  Going a bit slower than usual, with so much else going on, but still enjoying the read nonetheless.

Bottles: Nothing of note, just Alamos Malbec as table wine with the last few meals.

Writing: Finished the novella and taking a breather before I start revision.  Will also be returning to my short story I think.

Guitar: Working on "Astronomy Domine" and continuing study of harmony.  Also got a slide guitar for Christmas, and working on the solo from "High Hopes."