05 December 2010

Meyer Family Port(o)

A Port-style wine, or Porto (true Port only comes from Portugal), Meyer Family's is made from Zinfandel grown in California.

Deep crimson in color, it has a strong honey and brandy bouquet, with a heavy body.

In true California style, the fruit hits the tongue first, quickly warming across the palate, and slowly introducing tastes of honey and brandy.  The finish lingers pleasantly on the brandy note.

I enjoyed Meyer Family Port at a late Thanksgiving dinner with my friends, where it was served with the dessert course as well as the remains of the cheese platter.  Dessert was an apple crumble, with which it offered no interaction.  The cheeses had varied interactions:

Petit Basque: The Port totally overpowered this otherwise pungent, nutty cheese.
Walnut Gouda: It stood up to the Port but did not reveal anything surprising.
Bucheron: Here the Port shone, balancing nicely against the potent cheese.
Humboldt Fog: Again, the Port did nicely, smoothing out the cheese's harsher notes.
Cranberry Le Roule - Here, the cheese brought out even more sweetness from the wine, and the cranberries in the cheese mirrored the fruit well.
Garlic & Herb Le Roule - The Garlic & Herb didn't do so well, offering no interaction of note.

All in all, Meyer Family Port was an enjoyable bottle, reasonably priced ($20, 375mL).  I got mine at The Wine Cellar and haven't seen it since, but haven't been looking too hard either, since I don't drink Port very often.


Books: Still reading The Silmarillion.

Bottles: Nothing new.

Writing: Wasn't able to do any.

Guitar: Helped my friend learn how to string his guitar.  He plays an Ibanez RG and it has a double-locking tuning system, quite different from my Stratocaster's, but we worked it out in the end.  His tremolo bridge needed adjusting due to the different string gauge he ended up with.  He seems happy with it.