01 December 2010

Domaine Lafond Roc-Epine Lirac 2007

This wine, made from primarily Grenache grapes grown in the Lirac region of the Rhone valley, features a deep garnet color and an earthy bouquet.  The fruit and earthiness in the taste hit the palate more or less simultaneously, coating the tongue in its soft mouthfeel.  It had a warm, ripe taste, with soft tannins and mild acidity.

I drank the Domaine Lafond Lirac at a Thanksgiving dinner with my friends, where we enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, apple dressing, as well as a cheese platter.

It did not offer any reaction with the turkey, but it did react favorably with the mashed potatoes, expressing a creamy note I had not expected.  However, it fared poorly with the apple dressing, becoming too bitter.

The cheese platter consisted of 6 cheeses:

Humboldt Fog - A goats' milk cheese from California, with a layer of edible ash running through the center.  The Lirac paired well with the cheese, smoothly cleansing the palate from the sharp taste of the cheese.

Petit Basque - A mildly flavored, dense sheep's milk cheese from France.  It enhanced the fruit of the wine, while at the same time the wine enhanced the nuttiness of the cheese.  Another favorable combination.

Walnut Gouda - An aged Gouda, probably from Holland (though I lost the label), with walnuts implanted in it.  It offered no reaction of note with the wine.

Bucheron - Goat's milk cheese from the Rhone valley, France.  It is creamy on the outside and crumbly on the inside, with a potent floral taste.  It totally overpowered the Lirac; I think it would go much better with a Vouvray or a Riesling, something with a lot of acidity that can cut through the potentcy.

Cranberry Le Roule - A soft cow's milk cheese from France, flattened and then rolled with dried cranberries so that it forms a spiral.  It has a soft, mild flavor, with sweetness from the cranberries.  It did not offer any interaction of note with the wine.

Garlic & Herb Le Roule - Same as above but with garlic and herbs rather than cranberries.  It too offered little reaction with the wine.

Overall, the Domaine Lafond Lirac was an okay bottle, but not a great one.  I acquired it some time ago, and my tastes have evolved since then.  I have enjoyed better Rhone wines since first tasting Domaine Lafond's Lirac, and so returning to it was a step backward.  Still, it was an interesting drink, and I had fun testing its interaction with the menu.


Books:Nearly done with Stuff, then it's time to start my annual Lord of the Rings reading.

Bottles: Caligiore Bonarda Reserve 2009 with dinner tonight.  It's a new wine for me, okay but not as enjoyable as others.  Expect a review in the near future.

Writing: No, I simply have to start doing it again.  I wasn't able to go out and write today.  I don't know what's wrong with me that I allow myself to be distracted.  Nonetheless, I'm tired and probably won't do any before I go to bed either.  I need to try to start doing it in the mornings, maybe.

Guitar: Did practice "Hey You," scales, and a new classical piece.