15 December 2010

Chateau Ste Michelle Harvest Select Riesling 2009 Columbia Valley

A pale, flax-colored Riesling, with scents of citrus and stone fruits. I generally find Washington Rieslings to be more delicate than their German counterparts, and I was not surprised with the Chateau Ste Michelle. The fruit was light and delicate, with a slight acidity which balanced a mild sweetness. It had a quick and gentle finish, cleansing the palate on the way out.

An enjoyable Riesling, and very budget-friendly at around $9 a bottle, available at most grocery stores. It did not express any real complexity or terrior, but it as eminently drinkable.


Books: Reading The Hobbit.

Bottles: Drank some Blue Nun 2007 Eiswein.

Writing: 1350 words on novella.

Guitar: None today.