14 December 2010

Caligiore Bonarda 2009

A ruby colored, medium bodied wine from the Mendoza region of Argentina, Bonarda had a bouquet of cherries and young oak.  I was unfamiliar with the wine, and could not find any information on what grapes it was grown with, but I suspect a blend consisting at least partly of Malbec, the local grape of Argentina.
It had potent fruit, but too much acidity, especially on the finish when it turned bitter.  It did not seem to express any of the terroir I enjoy from better Argentinian wines.  Overall, it was not a great wine, but not a bad one either.  Very inexpensive and okay as a table wine.  It was a gift given to me, bought at a grocery store.


Books: Finished The Silmarillion, which was quite enjoyable.  Started The Hobbit.

Bottles: Drinking Alamos Malbec 2007.  Tonight had two wines with dinner.  Too tired to write them down now.

Writing: Wrote 250 words on the novella.  Getting to some heavy stuff.

Guitar: No chance to practice.  Worked 16 hours today.  Going to bed.