15 November 2010

Pictures of Iran

Today I spent most of the day capturing video at work.  As this is a fairly mindless, though time consuming, operation, I also worked on the computer doing research for AEGIS.  During this I stumbled across a blog of a pair of travelers who had made their way through several cities in Iran, including Yazd, Esfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran.  The pictures they displayed were gorgeous, and reminded me how much I would love it if the situation in Iran would improve enough for me to be able to visit.  I would dearly love to see Yazd, where my father grew up, and many of the other cities.  I would especially like to visit the ruins of Persepolis.

It is strange that I spent so much of my childhood wishing I could blend in and be a "normal" Caucasian American, and now, as an adult, I feel very strongly the need to connect with the Persian part of me and my heritage.


Books: Nearly done with So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Bottles: Nothing open right now.  Once I get paid I'll be getting some new wine to try at Cellar Rat.

Writing: Wrote extensively in notes, including setting out the calendar, which was an ordeal, but I'm happy with it now.  Also wrote 550 words on Chapter 4; I'm a little behind, but hopefully I'll catch up.  So long as I am done by the end of the month, I will be happy with myself.

Guitar: Didn't make it home in time to play today.  I think I'll be okay at my lesson tomorrow though.  We will start some new stuff soon I think.  Must remember to copy "Hey You."