04 November 2010

Not much to report

Well, I spent most of the day in Glen Eyrie Castle, making revisions to Keynote slideshows and rehearsing for the presentations that will be going on this weekend.  It was a daunting day, but we got it done, and tonight's opening presentation went off without a hitch.

I met Michael Card today, after several months working on various projects for him at Harvest, including some video stuff and a poster for his latest concert series.  He was very nice, good sense of humor, very friendly.  It was good to put a face to the work I had been doing.

I worked on my novella intermittently today as I had time.  After a few weeks working on the short story, I suddenly find my novella calling me once more.  I wrote about 850 words on part 2, chapter 2, leading up to my main character having a sex scene, which I haven't written yet...I may tackle that tomorrow, but we will see.  Kind of an odd environment to be writing a sex scene in, but when the muse speaks I listen.  I think it will be hard to do it well, not too graphic but not too prudish either.  It needs to be powerful and passionate but not gross.

I'm a few chapters away from finishing The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, so hopefully will finish that tonight or tomorrow.


Books: Nearly done with Restaurant.  Next will come Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Bottles: None today.

Writing: About 850 words on novella.  Good stuff I feel.

Guitar: N/A, but listened to quite a bit of DG today.  Yea.