18 November 2010

Mostly Harmless

I finished Mostly Harmless, the last book in the Hitchhiker's Guide series today.  There is a passage in it where Arthur Dent discusses the literature of the world he is staying on, a world where a "book" is always 100,000 words long, so every book just cuts off there, mid-sentence or mid-story.

That was kind of how I felt after finishing Mostly Harmless.  I have read that Douglas Adams was never all that into writing the Guide, that he was much more fond of writing for television, and it felt to me as if he was killing off his baby.  I can certainly understand the sentiment, and, in a way, it was a fitting end for the series - with a whimper, not a bang, it simply ended, with the utter destruction of Earth and the death of all the major characters except one, who hadn't been seen for two books anyway.

It's interesting that the genesis of the Guide was a series of radio plays he was going to write, called The Ends of the Earth, where the Earth was destroyed at the end of each.  He came full circle with Mostly Harmless.

The book returned to the satire and sarcasm of earlier volumes; gone was the sentiment and romance of So Long... All in all, it was very rewarding reading the series, but it's not something I feel drawn to re-read as I do some things.

Tonight I attend the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  I will write about it tomorrow.  It looks AMAZING!!!


Books: Finished Mostly Harmless.  Started A Wind in the Door.

Bottles: None.

Writing: None today, busy with work stuff.  Taking a lot of tomorrow to write.  Might go to Panera or something.

Guitar: Practiced "Hey You" and the major blues scale today.