07 November 2010

Leaving Glen Eyrie

Alas, my time here in Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs has come to an end, as we loaded out our event tonight and I drive back to Kansas City in the morning.

It's been a beautiful stay, my first extended stay in a high-altitude environment, and I enjoyed the crisp air, the warm days and cool nights, but most of all the mountains, and how connected I feel to the earth when I'm near them.  It makes me miss Vancouver a great deal.

Today we took another hike, this time on easier trails that nonetheless led us very near the tops of some of the gentler mountains here, where we could look down on the entire city or look inward to the Glen and see the Castle poking out of the trees.

It was a very stimulating trip for me in many ways: professionally, it helped give me confidence that I could pursue being a Powerpoint/Keynote/Graphics op for shows and be successful at it, if I can build up a good client base.  Creatively, it was even more stimulating for me, as I was inspired to write more than I have in a long time, both on my short story and my novella, and I was even inspired to make some artwork - the Captain Picard poster I use as my profile picture.

I will miss this place but hope to come again.  Meanwhile, I set my sights on the future, which will hopefully lead west.


Books: Still working on Life, the Universe and Everything.

Bottles: None.

Writing: 1750 words on novella, working on chapter 3.  Main character and his lover just parted ways for a time, and though we know how it will ultimately end, I think it was a nice parting scene.  Currently writing the graduation of main character's best friend.

Guitar: N/A.  I return to it tomorrow! Yea.