22 November 2010

2006 Marsannay "Les Vaudenelles"

At the "Fakesgiving" dinner I attended on Saturday, we enjoyed several bottles, including one of my few remaining bottles of Domaine Bruno Clair's 2006 Marsannay "Les Vaudenelles."

Marsannay is a region in the Cote d'Or, part of the larger overall region of Burgundy.  This wine is made primarily from Pinot Noir, in true Burgundian fashion.

From the first pour, it was a deep ruby color, with bouquets of old oak and a tannic smell I had a hard time identifying, before finally settling on pipe tobacco, because it kind of reminded me of my grandfather's pipe.

The mouthfeel was supple and light-bodied (for a red, that is).

The first hit was of fruit on the tip of my tongue before it melted into the earthy flavors of Burgundy all over the rest of my tongue.  It was complex and took me through several taste stages - fruity, tannic, earthy - before the finish lingered for probably a minute or more on a smooth oaky note.

I enjoyed it with traditional Thanksgiving fare - turkey with apple stuffing, with which it was okay, neither gaining nor losing anything, and mashed potatoes with gravy, where it truly shone, revealing a surprising mellow sweetness.  I was actually quite surprised by the interaction with the potatoes.  There was also macaroni and cheese at Fakesgiving, and it stood up to the cheese quite well, cutting through it without overpowering it.

"Les Vaudenelles" is probably my favorite Burgundy in my collection - though I have only two left now.  I got mine for $35 a while back at The Wine Cellar, which is now gone, but I hope to find a new supply soon.


Books: Still on A Swiftly Tilting Planet.

Bottles: None.  Still recovering from the last 4!

Writing: None today.  Lots of work, plus cooking dinner (Prosciutto-wrapped steak).

Guitar: See above.  Sadly.  Lesson tomorrow, should be good.

Another note: This is my first blog post on my new MacBook Pro.