28 October 2010

Spring Awakening

Wednesday night I saw the musical Spring Awakening at its tour stop at the Lied Center in Lawrence, KS.  I got home at 12:30AM and didn't feel like blogging about it, so it is now 4:00PM Thursday as I write this.

First of all, the tour was the non-equity national tour...so yeah.  A certain drop in quality from Broadway level is natural and to be expected.  I can only assume that either (a) the show kind of sucks, or (b) there as an abnormally large drop in quality of this production.  Some examples...

At one point, one character's mother slaps her in the face.  Okay, I get stage combat.  But it's an intimate space, and they're "professionals," and it's a single slap.  I say just go for it and slap her!  But no...there was the ridiculous wind-up, the long pause as they make eye contact, and then the slap, which missed by an obvious margin.  I couldn't help it and let out a bit of a laugh.  I was the only one, though apparently others wanted to but were able to contain themselves.  I wasn't.  It was sad.

A friend of mine is the A2 (audio assistant) on the show, and she's a great sound mixer.  Unfortunately, the A1 mixes the show, not her, and he is...rather less talented than she.  Mic levels were erratic throughout the show.

Performances were kind of silly, at about what I would consider a high school level.  These people get paid?

Lighting had the potential to be nice, and there were some beautiful moments, but there were lots of sloppy moments as well.  They used naked bulbs suspended on the back wall and hanging from linesets at times, and they were so bright that they contracted my pupils and made it hard for me to see the action on the stage.

The songs also seemed like they should have been good but weren't quite there, at times falling into cliche or just bad performances.  There was no dancing to speak of.

I guess my biggest gripe with the show is that I go to musical expecting to see and feel things that are larger than life, whether great joy or great sadness.  But this show somehow felt smaller than life, as if it had curled itself up into a ball and hoped no one would look at it.  Which may in fact have been the whole point.


Book: Nearly done with Artifacts from Beyond the Rim.  A little bit into Blink.  Picking up 3 books from the library tomorrow.

Bottle: Nothing new to report.  Still have a cold.

Writing: None.  I've been working on stuff for work.  Hope to get the other half of my most recent chapter written tonight.

Guitar: Pentatonics, "Hey You".  Had to restring 2nd and 3rd strings.  I didn't wrap them very well on the previous stringing and they came out of the tuners.  Live and learn.