31 October 2010

Roger Waters: The Wall Live

So, I return from seeing Roger Waters: The Wall Live at Sprint Center.  It is kind of amusing to me to see this in the same week as the aforementioned Spring Awakening.  The Wall totally washed the taste of that out of my mouth - IT WAS INCREDIBLE.  I'm pretty tired right now so I hope to revisit this at a future time, but I wanted to write about some of the highlights while they were fresh.

Unless I misunderstood what Roger Waters said during the concert, the kids singing during "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)" were local kids, and he applauded them after the song before moving on with the concert, which I thought was great.

I'm pretty sure one of the guitarists (probably Snowy White) was playing a DG Signature Black Strat during some parts, which is kind of hilarious since from a distance he almost looked like David Gilmour.  Didn't sound like him though, but then, who does?

Apparently, amongst the footage they had from The Wall concerts in 1980-81, there was Roger singing "Mother," so he double-tracked that with his own archival footage.  It was quite neat.

There were two spot ops that were hanging from wire rigs.  Way to go guys!  Spending a whole show in a chair suspended on wires and running a spotlight!

The inflatable pig had fans on it like a hovercraft and must have been remote controlled.  I want that guy's job!

The wall itself - the bricks, and the projections - were absolutely incredible.  At one point, after the wall was completely built and then they began projecting images of the bricks flying away into the background, the guy next to me gasped.  "How are they doing that?!" he asked over and over.  I had to chuckle, especially when my sister, who was sitting next to me, started to ask the same thing, then said "Oh, it's graphics."

All in all, it was a wonderful experience.  Only a few little things were lacking, but that's just me.  I was, naturally, disappointed that KC wasn't the venue in which David Gilmour made his surprise guest appearance - but then, I wasn't really expecting him to, unless he has a thing for barbeque.  I was a little disappointed with the guitar effects during "Run Like Hell."  I love the delay that they use on the album and it sounded strange without.  Lastly, I was a little sad that they didn't do any sort of encore.  I was hoping to see "Wish You Were Here" live.

Greatest.  Concert.  I've.  Ever.  Seen!


Books: Almost done with Blink.

Bottles: Still none.  Hopefully will have something in Colorado Springs.

Writing: None today.  Concert!

Guitar: None today.  Concert!