25 October 2010

A Peculiar Melancholy

Preface: After much toying about with the idea, I've finally decided to start a blog.  Not that anyone really cares what I think, but I would like to catalog my thoughts a bit better.  There are several goals for this blog:

1. Develop the discipline to write frequently (I suppose it's too early to try "every day," though that is the eventual goal), even and perhaps especially when I don't really feel like it.

2. Share my thoughts on various issues of interest to myself and others, in a more refined form.

3. Provide encouragement and advice to any readers (assuming there are any) who are intersted in exploring books, or wine, or what have you, but find the idea daunting.

4. Begin tracking stats on what I am reading, drinking, and my progress on my writing projects or any other projects I take up.

I'm sure I'll come up with more goals later.  For now I think this is a good start.  Please be patient while the blog is under construction.


A peculiar melancholy came over me today, and I'm not entirely sure why.  Part of it may have been reflection on Walter Kirn's Lost in the Meritocracy, but I'll get into that when I discuss the book in my next post.  I suspect it's the same kind of melancholy that usually comes to children after Christmas Day and they've finished opening all their presents.  One of my best friends who was gone for quite a while in Korea finally returned, and we celebrated his birthday, which I had been looking forward to; and my mother and I finally moved my grandmother into her new apartment, a much-anticipated (and bemoaned) event; and, a few weeks ago, I left my day job to pursue my dreams of moving out west.  Now I find that many things I had been anticipating have come and gone, leaving a slight gap in my life.

I'm sure this will pass; I have lots of other things that are either coming up or just beginning.  Nonetheless, I thought examining my melancholy was a good place to start for a blog.  After all, what blog is complete without a bit of whining and/or angst?  On the whole, though, I hope the blog will be full of happy, or at least emotionally neutral, thoughts.


Book: Just finished Walter Kirn's Lost in the Meritocracy.
Bottle: On Sunday, 24 October, I shared a bottle of Saracco NV Moscato d'Asti with friends to celebrate the birthday mentioned above.  There is not yet a corresponding blog post for it but there will be some day.
Writing: Wrote a blog post.  Was going to write on my current project but got tired and am going to bed.  Had a great idea though.  Need to do some research.